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These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

September 2018: apparently i just want to talk about Skyrim*.

The other day I was working on my novel from last year and thinking 'yeah this is good and all, this is really clicking, but I need to wrap it up cause it's not the most important thing I'm ever gonna write.' Really relishing the editorial process, though. It is so fun. It is TAKING MY ATTENTION AWAY FROM PC GAMING. Um. Yes really. Although I do get nostalgic for Skyrim once in a while. I don't have my old save game on my current PC, but that's for the best cause by now I'm so rusty that I'm no longer worthy of my main character. Her name is Becky. She has very high sneaking ability. What appeals to me right now about Skyrim is the extent to which you can move incredibly, incredibly slowly, so slowly as to become all but invisible to your enemies. And then there's those expansive vistas full of murderous skeletons. Mm. Just like IRL.

My problem is that I always hate the end game. I just DON'T WANT TO GET OUT OF THE POOL, even if I am not actually having fun anymore. And replayability? I expect games to be a complete and long term reality replacement rather than just a story to play through. I get stuck on one or two games and get so at home in them that I can't move on. And I like shit that's easy. I've more or less exhausted the meaningful options for The Sims and if I went back to Skyrim I'd quickly remember how none of the storylines made me cry even a little and how by the time I quit playing I had kind of DONE EVERYTHING and was just disappointed that the wizard faction quest didn't unlock some kind of magic-based government simulation. So with a few tweaks to my mindset I realized I could just have more fun working on my own shit. An author doesn't have have to put up with RUNNING OUT OF CONTENT. Also, I decide how the story ends so I can fuckin guarantee it won't suck.

*when I used to mention it to my much younger coworkers, they'd say something like 'oh, still on Skyrim, huh?' My point is it's old and I'm old.


Last July I instituted the practice of considering July to be "business month." That was when I started my Patreon campaign, got my PO Box, created this website, and did other stuff that kinda changed the course of things in a way I'm generally pleased with. So I'm trying to do it again this year.

I made so much progress last year that all I really feel like I need to do right now is stay the course. I'll be making some changes to my patreon page, probably, and maybe tweak this site a little. Most of the new admin will be on the 'backend' which I guess means 'my side of things.' Just basic housekeeping, renewing accounts, changing passwords, organizing files.

The new frontier might be to reestablish space for the artist in me. The past year has been kinda business oriented, generally, in that I am always thinking about patreon and social media and having varying degrees of success actually utilizing those platforms to any great effect. I feel they are important as sources of accountability and contact. I try to streamline the way I think about them so I can use them without becoming drained. The fact is I'm not really sure how else to potentially reach an audience, and I wouldn't be writing if I didn't think it was in some way a useful service, would I? If my writing can't reach anyone then how is it going to make anyone happy? It's not something that keeps me up nights but it's sortof THE existential question of the writing life...I think...

So if this month can be said to have a keynote theme, it'd be something relating to that. The thing about keynote themes is you kinda have to put it in words. So, I'll add that to my to-do list.