Welcome to Now.

Official headquarters of my Poetry Month 2018 festivities

Today's Poem:

Prompt: Warning Label

Warning: contains plastic
and toxins. DO NOT EAT.
Please. Don't eat me.

Warning: Will ghost you.
Like you've never been
ghosted before.

Warning. Beware.
Will steal your ideas
and forget doing so.

Warning: Judas Iscariot.
Warning: Poet.
Warning: Problematic.

Warning: I am,
by trade,
a disappoinment.

Warning: Will subtext
you in poems
for years, maybe forever.

Will sign on to things
and disappear or
disengage, slowly.

Will sign on to things
with no endpoint
and pretend it's ok.

Warning: sends
memes. Doesn't


Toxic. So toxic.
Wow. So plastic.
Beware. Do not eat.

Do not engage. Wait
for cleanup
crew to arrive.

Do not handle
without proper
protective gear.


I couldn't resist the napowrimo.net prompt for today: a warning label for yourself. Perfect excuse to get self indulgent which is all self flagellation is? Just a bit of fun, folks!