Welcome to Now.

These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

January 2018 Update #2

Scouts is back up, finally. I hardly changed anything but for some reason it took ages. I deleted the little clip arts and slapped on a more open license that matches what I usually use now. I also said something about how camping was never ever one of my ideas. Between initial publication of the story and this reissue I had realized it was kindof a twist of the knife in a friendship that hadn't worked out and had been painful, to take that idea and make a wish fulfillment play out of it when it wasn't even my wish. Lots of things about Scouts are complicated in this way. Might be my most unreliable narrative.

January 2018!

1.) Trying to stay engaged in social media somehow? Still can't find words for how I love Twitter and the people I follow who I've learned so much from. Ello is still pretty slow but I feel more motivated to create content there. No content is currently being created for either, though, at this exact moment.

2.) Did some work on the novel, want to make some kinda teaser broadsides as I go. Maybe I should feature the oddball crap I am cutting out of it?

3.) Srsly I've been kind of tired and not sure how to manage the time I have. I think I have plenty of time to do lots of things but I can barely remember to pay my bills on time.

December 2017: Housekeeping + Nanowrimo update

1.) I'm finding myself compelled to change and tweak things so I'll be making minor changes to this site and to my Patreon page. Scouts is currently down cause I have too many issues with the pdf and am ready to fix em cause it's a piece I care about.

2.) I completed my NaNoWriMo wordcount for The Benign Tongue and am working on the edit now. Could be a while.