Welcome to Now.

These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

May 2019

I'm now working on my 2019 Poetry Month Zine! Check the Poems tab to your left for previous years' digital zines.

I'm also back on novel editing duty. Looking to finish that by July, but haven't decided yet what happens if I don't.

March 2019

Hello! It's my birthday and I'm sitting at my desk with a headache trying to catch up on Patreon and update my website for the first time in a couple months.

I'm still working on The Benign Tongue. It's really baffling and kind of joyless. I don't know if I'm facing too many distractions or just growing out of the entire concept of writing novels. Or perhaps my premise is way too tortured. I don't know.

My philosophy however is that I'm under no obligation to be Good, or for my works to make Sense. I'm not even under any obligation to write, At All. I'm free to write or not write. It doesn't have any bearing on my human worth.

It's good to question these things once in a while, right? The things one feels are essential to one's identity?

Doing too much at once, you rush it. Do a little every day. Stick to the hierarchy of needs. It makes way more sense.