Welcome to Now.

These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

December 2018

Just finished observing nanowrimo by rewriting the ending of The Benign Tongue. My aim was to have at least a complete, clean draft to start working on, and I guess only time will tell if that happened. It's one year into the project and I'm considering making some Big Picture changes after this novel is finally in the can. Keeping the work going has been difficult, if I'm honest.

I definitely got more in the habit of hanging out in my home office, making it cozy and well appointed, and expecting to work each day, and I think that will serve me well no matter what.

I also glanced at a couple of my old ebooks and found fault with them, so... *eyeroll*

I'm happy to continue making slow progress and dealing with the fact that ya can't look back. I mean, if everything I wrote in the past still seemed 100% GREAT a couple years later, wouldn't that be cause for worry, in a way? Stagnation and all that? I do, however, want to do a good enough job on my releases that I can stand by them, though, so if I have to keep tweaking, rereleasing, destroying utterly, so be it. It's my work, my property, and I own it, in every sense.

I also need to get serious about getting money. Cause...wait, why? Money is useful I guess... I guess if I got more money for my writing I could do it without worrying whether I should be doing something else, something that'll ensure I don't blithely overdraw my checking account some weekend when I'm not paying close attention to my unnecessarily self-imposed razor thin margins.

Oh speaking of money, I actually contributed to a patreon last month, a very small amount, it's this one here, Wear Your Voice Magazine, a BIPOC-run publication. Been following them awhile. They correctly pointed out that it's good to support small publishers who amplify underrepresented voices AND pay their writers and I have read some really good stuff there. Like, Really good. And as one who runs a patreon campaign myself it turns out it's not bad to know what it actually feels like to MAKE a pledge and how hard it is to actually pull the trigger on doing so. But once I did it felt pretty intense, like, to actually be a TINY ACTUAL PART of the thing I was consuming.

October 2018

Currently participating in something of a dream collaboration over on Ello.co; check it out here.

Also participated in an actual public poetry reading this month! Hosted by The Aliens here in Lincoln. It's an ongoing series. My coworkers (one of whom co-organizes the space) are some of the best people, tbh; I'm lucky and I know it.

Have distributed most of the zines I printed this year, can't seem to bring myself to charge for them IRL even tho I know it kinda builds investment to actually ask for things from people.

Editing the new novel, The Benign Tongue and it's a real cage match. But it'll be worth it. I wanna wrap it up soon, though, so I can move on to imagining alternatives to dystopia instead of just describing it in weird ways.