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These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

November 2017: NaNoWriMo

October 2017: Rice & Salt, Blade Runner, NaNoWriMo

1.) Every chapter of Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years Of Rice And Salt ends the same way: with me quietly weeping. I'm not even halfway through it tho cause it contains a lot of unfamiliar material.

2.) Blade Runner 2049 is a wonderful movie with some very troubling problems, much like the original.

3.) I can't tell if I'm preparing materials that will genuinely help me move through NaNoWriMo with ease, or if I'm just discharging creative energy that I should be storing up. I figure the more dead ends I encounter ahead of time the fewer I will have to clean up in the draft. I'm doing up dossiers on characters, locations and magical systems, and am trying to feel out the story itself. I'm also getting better at creating libre office templates.