Welcome to Now.

These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

September 2017: Book Of The Month + Patreon Report + Indie Author Rec

1.) I'm taking a break from Illuminatus to read K. S. Robinson's The Years Of Rice And Salt.

2.) My Patreon has two supporters already and I am working on a super secret digital zine for them! If you join before the end of the month you too will receive it.

3.) I am helping/observing a creator I met on Ello.co prepare for a book launch this month. Check them out here: tablo.io/t-van-santana

Personally, I'm feeling good about the routine I've got going. I think of my day job as just sort of a way to get out of the house and drink tea and sass old people and network with young people. Good luck out there; be kind and pay attention and, if all else fails, observe formalities.

August 2017: Divided Will

I am now trying to organize and compartmentalize my gleeful yet futile new obsession with marketing.

I have the desire for social media attention, I have the need for income, and I have the longing to just WRITE. I also have multiple projects, from planning a novel to assembling a poetry collection to journalling and brainstorming all of the above (and infinitely more!), but my will to actually just WRITE cannot be denied.

So my shameful secret is: I am writing something.

August 2017: Book Of The Month

I am currently reading the Illuminatus! Trilogy.