Welcome to Now.

These are my current projects and updates pertaining to them.

June 2019 News and Nows

It's ironic that even though I know I've gotten a lot done and checked things off the list, it still feels as if I am way behind, not doing enough.

I am calm and happy, though, just thinking of making some changes. Also ironic, maybe, is that after giving myself permission to put The Benign Tongue to the side in favor of focusing on poetry and gainful employment, I also actually found myself able to work on it again. Most of the interruptions to my workflow came about due to factors like having company and my pre-existing commitment to writing 30 poems in April. Of course I also had to develop them into a zine, along with all the social media posting that I assigned myself to go with that.

All of that, the posting, the rapidfire finishing of physical and digital products, is what needs to stop, I think. I just want to write, not be on social media. I don't really have the right energy for independent self monetizing or whatever.

So, anyway, the 2019 zine is up on my /Poems page, and I have hard copies with illustrations, send me an email or something if you want to buy one. I've never sold anything online before so whatever, we both will have to take a risk.

I'm working on building an online resume too, for fun and practice.

I figured out a new structure for The Benign Tongue which is helping a lot. I'm going to keep working on it Officially til the end of the month, then I'm probably taking a major break. I'll do Official details on Patreon since that's where I do Accountability.

May 2019

I'm now working on my 2019 Poetry Month Zine! Check the Poems tab to your left for previous years' digital zines.

I'm also back on novel editing duty. Looking to finish that by July, but haven't decided yet what happens if I don't.